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Melissa Gilkes-Smith

VP Business Operations

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As VP of Business Operations at Controlled Technical Services, Melissa Gilkes-Smith analyzes, streamlines and sharpens the business process. A high-energy leader, Melissa delivers proven results wherever she goes. With a Master’s in Health Care Administration and a doctorate degree in process, Melissa enhanced the health care space for thirteen years before arriving at CTS. She oversaw operations for 35 clinics across five regions, and her efforts to maximize efficiency helped them generate $26 million in annual revenue.

A detail-oriented organizer, she improves both employee and consumer experience by living out one of her favorite  quotes:

“Mission First, People Always”

While some people scan an idea and offer a quick approval, Melissa is a deep and dynamic thinker. Asking the tough, necessary questions, she tackles the tiny issues that can make or break a project.


Melissa likes to travel, and has sampled more of the country by moving around it with her Marine Corps husband. An early riser, reader and lifelong learner, Melissa also enjoys golf, gardening, swimming, yoga, biking, and participating in triathlons.

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