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Global Acquisition Support Solutions

​Technical Logistical Support Solutions

CTS specializes in global acquisition based on clients’ needs. Many of our clients depend on a rapid acquisition cycle to meet critical mission and time requirements. CTS’s global network and partnerships allow for us to conduct acquisitions from small scale to large bulk, to include logistics capabilities with 24/7 customer support.  

Tailored Communications Systems 

Customized Intellectual Property Security  

Integration for Commercial Technologies 

Development of
DEVSECOPS Environments 

 Technology and Cybersecurity 


To ensure we provide the highest quality services to our clients, CTS performs internal quality control on communications services procured from other providers, conducted through our data science section. These data science services involve baselining new tech services, anomalous behavior, signature management, and 24/ 7 customer support for technical, logistical, and networking operations. Our team contributes to accreditation/integration efforts, cyber operations, DEVSEC environment support, and technology development which can greatly enhance continuity of operations.  

Technical Strategy

Commercial technologies simplify processes and solve specific problems. Unfortunately, they are not designed to be one-size-fits-all. At CTS, we help you integrate commercial technologies into your operation so you get the most out of your acquisitions while minimizing the risks that emerge from new and disruptive systems.

Working Together

Want a team of experts to solve your biggest operational problems with solutions built just for you?

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